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recurrent miscarriage treatment 

Recurrent miscarriage


When a woman has miscarried three or more times this is clinically classified as recurrent miscarriage, and affects approximately 1 in 100 couples.


Unfortunately there are a number of factors which can play a part in recurrent miscarriage – it is a medically complicated problem and it is internationally agreed that more research is needed.


For this reason, your doctors will not be able to tell you what may happen if you become pregnant again, however you will still have a 75% chance of a healthy birth after recurrent miscarriage.


At the Centre for Reproductive and Genetic Health, you will be offered everything possible to help you achieve a full term pregnancy and have a healthy birth. We offer a comprehensive range of tests in our cutting edge laboratories, and you will be benefit from our skills and experience borne from being a leader in the fertility field for 22 years.


We will also encourage you to make use of our dedicated, in house counselling service and the first sessions will be provided free of charge.


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