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Research / Publications


Ovarian reserve: A simple mathematical problem?
D.M.Ranieri, P.Serhal.  Human. Reprod.  2000. 15: 1423-4.  
FISH analysis on day 5 post-insemination of human arrested and blastocyst stage embryos.
P.Ruangvutilert, J.D.A. Delhanty, P. Serhal, Mara Simopoulou, Charles H. Rodeck and Joyce C. Harper.    Prenat Diagn 2000: 20: 552-560
Basal 17 B-estradiol did not correlate with ovarian response and in vitro fertilization treatment outcome.
P.Phophong,  d.M. Ranieri,  I. Khadum,  F. Meo, and P. Serhal.   Fertility &  Sterility Vol. 74 No. 6 2000.  pp 1133-36
Clinical aspects of preimplantation diagnosis.
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Simultaneous evaluation of basal FSH and oestradiol response to GnRH analogue (G-G-Test) allows effective drug regimen selection for IVF.  
D.M.Ranieri, P.Phophong, I. Khadum, F. Meo, C. Davis and P.Serhal.    Human Reprod. 2001 Vol. 16 No.4 pp 673-675.
A successful strategy for preimplantation genetic diagnosis of myotonic dystrophy using multiplex fluorescent PCR. 
W. Piyamongkol, J.C. Harper, J.K. Sherlock, A. Doshi, P.F. Serhal, J.D.A. Delhanty and D. Wells.  Prenat Diagn 2001; 21:  223-232.
Pregnancy Following Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis for Crouzon Syndrome.
P.M. Abou-Sleiman,  A. Apessos, J.C. Harper, P.Serhal and J.D.A. Delhanty.     Molecular Human Reproduction, 8, 101-104.  2002.
Preimplantation Genetics and Diagnosis Paper
First application of preimplantation genetic diagnosis to neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2)
P. M. Abou-Sleiman, A. Apessos, J. C. Harper , P. Serhal, R. M. L. Winston , J. D. A. Delhanty (2002)
PGD for Single Gene Disorders: Experience with five single gene disorders, myotonic dystrophy, two mutations for cystic fibrosis, simultaneous diagnosis of fragile X and CF, Crouzon Syndrome and Neurofibromatosis type 2 Prenatal Diagnosis,  22 (6): 525-533
Joyce C. Harper, Dagan Wells, Wirawit Piyamongkol, Patrick Abou-Sleiman, Angela Apessos, Antonis Ioulianis, Mary Davis, Alpesh Doshi, Paul Serhal, Massimo Ranieri, Charles Rodeck and Joy D.A. Delhanty (2002)
First application of preimplantation genetic diagnosis to neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2)  
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Ovarian response and in vitro fertilisation outcome in patients with reduced ovarian reserve who were stimulated with recombinant follicle-stimulating hormone or human menopausal gonadotropin.   
F. Meo,  D.M. Ranieri,  I. Khadum,  P. Serhal.      Fertility & Sterility Vol. 77 No. 3.  March 2002.
A comparative study between infertile males and patients with Turner Syndrome to determine the influence of sex chromosome mosaicism and the breakpoints of structurally abnormal Y chromosomes on phenotypic sex. 
C.R. Quilter, N. Nathwani, G.S.Conway, R.Stanhope, D. Ralph, G. Bahadur, P. Serhal, K. Taylor and J.D.A. Delhanty.  Journal of Medical Genetics 2002; 39; e80-e80.
Cytogenetic and Y chromosome microdeletion screening of a random group of infertile males.  
C.R. Quilter, E.C. Svennevik, P. Serhal, D. Ralph, G. Bahadur, R. Stanhope, M. Sutterlin, J. Delhanty and K.E. Taylor.    Fertility and Sterility Vol. 79 No. 2 February 2003.
Preimplantation genetic diagnosis of chromosome abnormalities: implications from the outcome for couples with chromosomal rearrangements.  
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Cervical dilatation with hygroscopic rods prior to ovarian stimulation facilitates embryo transfer.
Paul Serhal, Domenico Massimo Ranieri, Iffat Khadum and Rami Antoine Wakim. Human Reproduction, Vol. 18, No.12 pp 2618-2620, 2003.
Good Clinical Practice in Assisted Reproduction:  
Ed. Paul Serhal and Caroline Overton.   Camb. Univ.Press. 2004.
Antral Follicle count,anti-mullerian hormone and inhibinB: predictors of ovarian response in assisted reproductive technology?
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Comparative Genomic Hybridisation analysis of human occytes and polar bodies.  Human Reproduction 21: 2319-2328.
E Fgagouli, D Wells, A Thornhill, P Serhal, MJW Faed, JC Harper, JDA Delhanty (2006) 
Variations in Humanized and Defined Culture Conditions Supporting Derivation of New Human Embryonic Stem Cell Lines.  Cloning and Stem Cells. December 1, 2006, 8(4): 319-334. doi:10.1089/clo.2006.8.319.
Judy M. Fletcher, Patricia M. Ferrier, John O. Gardner, Linda Harkness, Seema Dhanjal, Paul Serhal, Joyce Harper, Joy Delhanty, David G. Brownstein, Yogesh R. Prasad, Jane Lebkowski, Ram Mandalam, Ian Wilmut, Paul A. De Sousa
Premimplantation Genetic Diagnosis for myotonic dystrophy type 1: detection of cross-over between the gene and the linked marker AP0C2.  Prenatal Diagnosis, 27 (2): 111-116
G Kakourou, S Dhanjal, Daphnis, A Doshi, S Nuttall, S Gotts, P Serhal, J Delhanty, JC Harper, and S SenGupta (2007)   
Preimplantation genetic diagnosis for retinoblastoma predisposition
British Journal of Ophthalmology 91: 1090-1091
S Dhanjal, G Kakourou, T Mamas, N Saleh, A Doshi, S Gotts, S Nuttall, K Fordham, P Serhal, J Delhanty, JC  Harper and S SenGupta (2007)

Relationship between male reproductive hormones, sperm DNA damage and markers of oxidative stress in infertility.  Reproductive Biomedicine Online. Feb;14(2):159-65.
M Appasamy, S Muttukrishna, AR Pizzey, O Ozturk, NP Groome, P Serhal, E Jauniaux  (2007)
Variable aneuploidy mechanisms in embryos from couples with poor reproductive histories undergoing preimplantation genetic screening.
Human Reproduction.  Vol 22 (issue 7) : pp 1844-53
A Mantzouratou, A Mania, E Fragouli, L Xanthopoulou, S Tashkandi, K Fordham, DM Ranieri, A Doshi, S Nuttall, JC Harper, P Serhal, JD Delhanty (2007) 
Preimplantation genetic diagnosis for myotonic dystrophy type 1 in the UK.
Neuromuscular Disorders , Vol 18 (Issue 2) : pp 131 – 136
G Kakourou, S Dhanjal, T Mamas, S Gotts, A Doshi, K Fordham, P Serhal, DM Ranieri, JD Delhanty, JC Harper, SB SenGupta (2007)
Evaluation of the relationship between follicular fluid oxidative stress, ovarian hormones, and response to gonadotropin stimulation.  Fertility and Sterility.  Vol. 89 (issue 4) : pp 912-21
M Appasamy, E Jauniaux, P Serhal, A Al-Qahtani, NP Groome, S Muttukrishna (2008)
Comparison of oocyte quality and intracytoplasmic sperm injection outcome in women with isolated polycystic ovaries or polycystic ovarian syndrome.
Archives Gynecology Obstetrics.  Vol 277 (Number 3) : pp 239-44
B Sahu, O Ozturk, DM Ranieri, P Serhal (2008)
Response to controlled ovarian stimulation and oocyte quality in women with myotonic dystrophy type I. Journal of Assisted Reproduction Genetics. 
Vol 25 (Issue 1): pp 1-5
B Sahu, O Ozturk, N Deo, K Fordham, DM Ranieri, P Serhal (2008)

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